Wollongong man jailed for attacking mum, girl

A Wollongong man was high on drugs and alcohol when he tried to rob a pizza delivery driver and attacked a mother and daughter on the same evening, a court has heard.

Members of the public detained Ross Alexander Doherty after he attacked the 50-year-old woman in front of her 14-year-old daughter as they walked along Corrimal Street towards the Wollongong central business district on May10.

Doherty, 31, admitted  slapping the older woman on the top of the head and calling her a slut as she passed him. He then grabbed her by the shoulder and demanded money, before pushing her on to the road and attempting to chase the 14-year-old. 

Unable to catch the girl, Doherty returned to the older woman and pulled her from the roadway, causing scratches to her face and neck.

Doherty  fled the scene after a short scuffle with the woman, whose screams alerted nearby residents.

He was detained by a group of men until police arrived.

A sitting of the District Court in Sutherland on Wednesday heard it was Doherty’s second crime that evening; he earlier tried to rob a pizza delivery boy outside a block of units in Wollongong.

Doherty pleaded guilty to charges of assault with intent to rob and demanding property with menaces. 

Judge Paul Conlon sentenced Doherty to a minimum two years and three months behind bars after considering his disadvantaged upbringing and long addiction to drugs.