Dapto home invader had hit rock bottom

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Brendan Ronald Halsey had hit rock bottom when he armed himself with a hammer and invaded a Dapto home with two friends in a bid to score drugs.

The date was June 5, 2013, and Halsey's life, once steady enough to earn him a decent income as a self-employed mechanic, had spiralled out of control.

He'd had a decent upbringing, but began taking drugs in late 2012 to cope with a breakdown in his relationship with a girlfriend.

His occasional hit quickly became an every-day habit and he got involved with the wrong kind of people. It eventually cost him his business and his freedom.

Halsey, 30, has spent the past 10 months behind bars after his arrest over the Dapto break and enter, in which three teenage girls were threatened.

Halsey told a psychologist he had no idea children would be in the home at the time, saying he felt "disgusted" with himself for involving them in an act of violence.

He said prison had been a sobering experience for him, and he had changed his outlook on life.

He said he no longer wanted to be associated with the type of people he'd known before entering prison, let alone the drug lifestyle that came with them.

During his time in jail he requested to be held in protective custody, so he would not have to associate with people he knew behind bars.

"The less contact I have with them the better chance I have of not falling back into that lifestyle," Halsey told the court, saying he also planned to move out of the area once released from jail.

Judge Paul Conlon accepted Halsey had all but given up on life when he committed the crime.

"I accept that the offender was at a low point in his life with an out-of-control drug addiction," he said.

"He was at a point in life where he didn't care about anything."

But Judge Conlon also found that there was evidence to suggest Halsey's future looked promising, given his family support and the love of a new woman.

"Given the material before the court I find his prospects of rehabilitation are favourable," Judge Conlon said.

He sentenced Halsey to a minimum 13 months behind bars.

With time already served, Halsey will be released on parole in November.