Feuding neighbours sent to jail

Two feuding neighbours who got into a drunken brawl in the stairwell of their apartment complex have been sentenced to jail.

Port Kembla Local Court heard Ian Quinn and neighbour Justin Cram were drunk and had a history of run-ins when they confronted each other in their Kembla Street apartment complex on April 2.

The pair, who both live on the second level, were heard arguing about money, cigarettes and beer by neighbours during the evening before things eventually came to a head around 8pm.

‘‘Come and fight me in here,’’ Cram yelled to Quinn from his front door before confronting him in the stairwell and punching him in the mouth.

The pair traded blows wildly, resulting with Quinn falling down a flight of stairs.

‘‘If you come back up here I’m gonna kill you,’’ Cram yelled after him, but the threat did not stop Quinn from returning to their landing and reigniting the fray.

Concerned neighbours called triple zero, prompting the arrest of both men.

On Monday they pleaded guilty to one count each of affray.

Magistrate Michael Stoddart slammed the men for their ‘‘dreadful’’ behaviour, noting children were present at the time.

‘‘It was very frightening for anyone watching and they shouldn’t have to put up with it,’’ he said.

Noting their lengthy records, Magistrate Stoddart sentenced the men to three months’ jail.

Cram’s jail sentence was suspended and he was ordered to be of good behaviour for the duration.