How to keep trim in the cooler months

As the colder temperatures hit, many people opt for warmer climates overseas and abroad.

Working towards that holiday body has seen your training regime power along in full swing for months.

The issue now is how that regime can be continued.

Cardiovascular fitness that has been increased, muscles that have been strengthened and dress sizes that have been dropped as a result of all this hard work can slowly unravel if training grinds to a halt for the number of weeks you are away.

Your travel destination may not have a gym, so maintaining the level of activity that you normally achieve may be very difficult.

To keep your body trim and healthy the following pointers will definitely help:

■ Walk or run wherever you can. You will be surprised how many calories you can burn per day by moving around, especially if your occupation is fairly sedentary.

■ Body weight exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges, prone holds, crunches and tricep dips require no equipment. They will keep muscles strong and lean and increase your metabolism.

■ A resistance band will fit easily in your suitcase, can be used absolutely anywhere, and provides an even greater range of muscle-toning activities.

■ Activities such as swimming, snorkelling, surfing and other water sports keep the calories burning and make you feel like you've earned that beer or cocktail.

All these tips aim to increase your calorie burning rate, so that you don't undo all the great work that has taken months to achieve.

Happy training.

Lukas Chodat is the director of Chodat Fitness. Check out