Harsh braking caused fatal crash: court

A Campbelltown motorcyclist whose negligent riding caused the death of another rider has been put on a lengthy good behaviour bond.

James Scott Davis pleaded guilty to a charge of negligent driving occasioning death over the September 2011 crash at Yanderra that claimed the life of a 48-year-old man.

Campbelltown District Court heard Davis, an experienced motorcyclist, was riding his bike north on Remembrance Drive and rounding a sweeping bend with limited vision ahead when he noticed the victim traveling towards him in the opposite direction.

Davis told the court in a moment of panic he applied the brakes harshly, causing the bike to skid across the road and into the path of the victim.

The two collided, killing the victim instantly and injuring Davis in the process.

In court on Wednesday, Judge Paul Conlon said Davis’ actions in applying the brakes harshly had caused the fatal accident.

Davis said he had thought about the crash every day and was extremely sorry for what had occured.

He said he no longer rode motorbikes, which had on been a passion and his main source of transport, and had become a more careful driver since the crash.

He offered his condolences to the victim’s family.

"It was life-changing for me but that’s nothing in comparison to what his family must have gone through," Davis said from the witness box.

"I think about it daily."

Judge Conlon accepted that Davis’s remorse was genuine, and that he was otherwise a man of good character, with a clean criminal record and only minor matters on his driving record.

He also expressed his condolences to the victim’s family, saying unfortunately the court process was often not capable of doing much to alleviate the loss felt by victim’s families.

Davis was placed on a two-year good behaviour bond and disqualified from driving for the period of the bond.