Call to point out Illawarra's worst potholes

After several weeks of heavy rain the NRMA is asking the public to point out the potholes in their neighbourhood.

As part of its Fix My Street campaign, the NRMA wants motorists to take photos of the potholes and upload them to a website along with details of their location.

Once the pothole photo is uploaded, the details are passed on to the relevant local council to get the pothole fixed.

The campaign is similar to an initiative introduced by Shellharbour City Council earlier this year.

The council designed an app that residents could use to take a photo of a pothole and then send it directly to staff members who would log it for future repair.

Wollongong City Council also offers a page on its website that allows ratepayers to report road damage such as potholes.

NRMA President Kyle Loades said the recent heavy rains would have made bad roads worse and created potholes where none existed before.

‘‘When it comes to potholes we can be sure of two things – the longer it rains the more likely they’ll appear and the longer it takes to fix them, the worse they’ll get,’’ Mr Loades said.

‘‘The obvious risk with potholes is the damage they can cause to vehicles – particularly the vehicle suspension.

“However, deeper potholes can also be a safety risk as the impact – or a reaction to avoid them – could cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle.”

Mr Loades said the campaign could be of benefit to those councils such as Wollongong, where funds were tight, because it could help identify potholes quickly - before they got worse and more expensive to repair.

‘‘An NRMA report released recently showed that there was a $4 billion funding backlog needed to help councils maintain roads to a safe standard,” he said.

“Heavy rain makes local roads even worse, which is why it’s so important that the Australian and NSW governments provide councils with the necessary funding to maintain local road safety.

‘‘In the meantime we want motorists to pinpoint local trouble spots so that we can get that information to local councils as soon as possible.”

The website can be found at