Letters: Stop rot with early election

Premier Mike Baird
Premier Mike Baird

Mr Baird, please put NSW out of its misery, call an early election before any more on both sides of the political fence are outed by the  ICAC.

The Liberal Party pre-selection for Heathcote, Keira, Wollongong and Shellharbour should be conducted again.

Find true independent-thinking candidates to wear Liberal with honour and trust. 

Let them vote by facts, not threat of party expulsion.  

And then, shock of shock, give them the financial support to rebuild this great region.

The F6 connection, Unanderra railway station upgrade, fast trains to Sydney, Bulli Hospital, Lake Illawarra, would be a good start.

The list is endless after neglect by both sides – and everybody knows why now!

The community wants strength in leadership and appropriate funding, not more grandstanding knocked on the head by  a strident, obstructive inner cabinet.

Cr Greg Petty, Wollongong

Fight litter scourge

Our roads, gutters and footpaths have never been more littered and unsightly! Especially up and down the east coast of this great country,  Australia.

 The whole mindset of our population needs to change when it comes to litter. Not just one day a year, but all the time.

Industry, businesses and individuals should show their pride and concern for our nation by  cleaning up after themselves.

Our roads are not dumping grounds! Let’s make an effort and dob in litterers. Take your  own rubbish home and dispose of  it if there are no public bins.

 Even if the mess is not yours, clean it up, if possible. If not, ring the appropriate authority and inform them. 

To those who are already playing their part; we do notice and thank you for your efforts!

Let’s get pro-active and show we are real Australians who care about our country.

Steven Thomas, Shellharbour

Casual work creep

Despite all of the huffing and puffing from both major political parties about commitment to employment creation, they must stand condemned for their failure to act decisively on the most damaging element of employment security: casualisation of the workforce.

  Numerous studies both here and internationally indicate casualisation of the workforce has the effect of reducing not only employment security but also remuneration levels, workplace health and safety protection and the accepted entitlements of permanent workforces. 

Recent figures suggest  more than 60per cent of the Australian workforce is employed on a casual basis.  An appalling situation in an enlightened society!

  It is a situation that  could become even more appalling with the proposed importation of foreign labour under the 457 visa provisions to construct the rail and port infrastructure to service the  Galilee Coal Basin projects planned by the Rinehart and Palmer consortiums.

If Ms Rinehart has her way the 457 visa casual labour for this infrastructure could receive a pay rate of $5 an  hour!  

Barry Swan, Balgownie

Airline out of sync

Isn’t it amazing that Alan Joyce, who is running Qantas into the ground, is getting $2million a year while his chief execs aren’t far behind. All while 5000 jobs are being cut! What’s wrong with that?

Wayne Simpson, Corrimal


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