Woman left bloodied after dog fight at Sharkeys Beach

File picture.

File picture.

A vicious dog fight has been witnessed at off-leash Sharkeys Beach, just one day after submissions closed for Wollongong Council’s controversial dog off-leash policy.

A woman was reportedly bitten and left bloodied by her own dog on Tuesday when she tried to pull it off another dog.

A witness to the attack, who refused to be named for fear of reprisal, said he heard the incident from his house about 3pm.

‘‘I went down and there was one dog screaming and another locked around its neck,’’ he said.

‘‘There was a lot of blood coming from the lady’s hand; it would have definitely required medical attention,’’ he said.

He described the attacking dog as a ‘‘hunting breed’’ and said it had to be led away by another women after it had bitten the owner.

‘‘Neither owner had a leash,’’ he said.

‘‘I don’t understand how people can take chances like that in a public space.

‘‘What could have happened if there were children around or if a child had to pull the dogs apart?’’

The witness told the Mercury he was reluctant to be named as a result of harassment he had already experienced from speaking out on the dog off-leash issue.

‘‘Those, including myself, who have been vocal on off-leash zones have been harassed on Facebook by people in the dog lobby,’’ he said.

He said some supporters of the proposed restrictions had been confronted about their stance while visiting the beach.

‘‘There’s a sense that we are the enemy and I don’t want to get into a worse situation,’’ he said.

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