Wollongong councillors set sights on CSG mining

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Wollongong's Liberal, Greens and independent councillors are set to flex their environmental muscles at next week's council meeting, proposing a swag of motions covering coal seam gas mining, climate change, air quality and fishing in protected marine zones.

First up will be Liberal councillor John Dorahy's move to thank the NSW government for cancelling three coal seam gas (CSG) exploration licences last month and urge it to continue its "assertive approach" to cancelling non-compliant licences.

This follows a remarkably similar push from Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery at last week's meeting, in which he too asked councillors to congratulate the government for taking action by cancelling non-compliant licences in water catchment areas.

Cr Dorahy said the vote of thanks was his idea originally and was "incredibly surprised" to see Cr Bradbery raise the motion two weeks earlier.

Cr Bradbery said he had done so to be "proactive" and did not want the council's message to be delivered almost a month after the NSW government took action.

Cr Dorahy said he hoped councillors would support his move despite its similarities to Cr Bradbery's as it would "add clarity" by specifically naming the cancelled CSG licences.

Later in Monday's meeting, independent councillor Greg Petty will urge the council to support a complete ban on CSG exploration and mining in the Wollongong local government area.

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