Solomon's wisdom to benefit the poor

Solomon with mum Naomi. Photo: ORLANDO CHIODO
Solomon with mum Naomi. Photo: ORLANDO CHIODO


The name Solomon is often related to great wisdom.

For eight-year-old Woonona boy Solomon Warth, a decision to hold his own sleepout this month to raise money for children less fortunate than himself proved very wise.

Solomon single-handedly raised $1000 to help Southern Youth and Family Services support homeless children.

He slept on the lounge and his father Matthew Warth supported him by sleeping next to him on the floor.

Mum Naomi (pictured with Solomon) said the idea was totally Solomon's and he was so content with his decision and the money he had raised he crashed out at 10pm and slept soundly all night.

"He didn't wake up until 8 o'clock in the morning. He just had a blanket and that was it," she said.

The idea came to Solomon after he watched a television show about a youth sleepout run by the Oasis Youth Service in Sydney.

"I saw it on TV and I thought, I want to help some people not have to be homeless," he said.

"I just came out and said to mum, I want to do this sleepout thing on the couch. My mum said she was proud of me."

Solomon's parents helped him make up a flyer and sent it around to family, friends, workplaces and Woonona Public School.

He said all his classmates were interested in what he was doing and he expected he might be asked to talk to his class about it.

Solomon is so happy with the result, he's thinking about doing something similar next year.