North Wollongong Hotel's advertisement sparks complaints

Advertising angst: The hotel's promotion that caused concern.

Advertising angst: The hotel's promotion that caused concern.

North Wollongong Hotel has landed itself in hot water after its advertising promoting DJ act Starf---ers drew complaints.

A poster, which was plastered on poles across the Illawarra, made its way to the Advertising Standards Board after complaints about obscene language.

One complaint noted the term Starf---ers (the Mercury has censored the word for publication) was on "full display in multiple locations".

"Signage is located close to bus stop shelters and easily visible from the roadway and by pedestrians," it said.

The flyers were posted to advertise the hotel's often sold-out New Year's Eve party.

The hotel made no attempt to defend its actions, but North Gong's management told the board the posters had been removed and the hotel would not use pole posters in future marketing.

Despite the response, the board upheld the complaint during its determination on January 28.

The board stated that the "F" word was a word still considered strong, if not obscene, by the broader community.

"The majority of the board considered that in the context of ... a broad audience that would include children, the word Starf---ers is inappropriate," it said.

The board noted that the posters had been displayed prominently at several outdoor locations and that the background and bold text made it clear and easy to read.

Similar complaints about posters featuring the names of bands including Holy F--- and F--- the Reaper have also been upheld.

North Wollongong Hotel declined to comment on the complaint.