A fashionable life

New venture ... Kate Waterhouse with Jodhi Meares.
New venture ... Kate Waterhouse with Jodhi Meares.

Former model and Tigerlily swimwear founder Jodhi Meares is launching a new business after cutting ties with the label she founded. The 41-year-old former Mrs James Packer is rumoured to be dating rocker Jon Stevens but hasn't, as reported, moved to Cronulla - she's sticking with Bronte. Kate Waterhouse caught up with her after the Ralph Lauren Pink Pony Walk, which supports Cancer Australia, around Sydney's Centennial Park.

How do you spend your days?

I am usually up quite early because I go to bed quite early - it's very dull (laughs). I get up and I go to yoga at 6.30am or go for a walk and then start my day in the office.

How do you stay fit?

I paddle board and I like to do yoga. Yoga is a big thing for me.

Are you very conscious of what you eat?

I like to eat well but I was really fortunate to be raised by an extremely healthy mother. I don't like really rich foods and good restaurants are wasted on me because I like really plain food. I don't like sauces and I'm not particularly into sweet things. I'm not into heavy food at all. France is a hard place for me to go and eat, which is terrible! I'm happy to go to a restaurant and I'll be, like, ''Bring me some broccoli and a piece of fish.'' Heavy sauces and things just don't agree with me and I don't like the taste.

Do you have a strict diet?

I'm not strict. I think the older I get, it becomes a natural occurrence because you're more health-conscious, and you don't go to bars and you go out less, so it's easier to be healthier and I prefer to eat well.

What do you indulge in?

I like to go to the movies, I like to read, I like to indulge in yoga, I like to spend a lot of time alone. Spiritual pursuits are important to me.

Have you always been so spiritual?

Yes, spiritual is a word with so many meanings, but I've always been interested in the human condition and philosophy, and [in yoga] piercing the veil of samsara. I was raised on those ideas and they are very interesting to me. I read a lot about them; it's a subject that is important to me.

Where are you living?

In Bronte, and I'm in Hawaii and New York a lot.

I thought you moved to Cronulla?

No, I have never moved to Cronulla. I'm sure it's a lovely place to live but I have no intention of moving to Cronulla any time soon.

You don't talk about your boyfriend. Why do you like to keep your relationships quiet?

I just think it's better. It's your personal life and it's just not open for conversation.

Can you say you're happy?

I really can't say any more than that.

Are you so private because your marriage [to James Packer] was so public?

It's personal and I don't really understand why people want their personal lives in the press. It's just one of those things where I draw a line and it's not open for conversation at all.

Are you ever hurt by what you read?

I don't read the papers, I don't watch TV, so I'm quite sheltered from the media, and I do that on purpose. I buy Italian Vogue but for the most part I feel I can live without [the gossip media]. I feel deeply disturbed by it, for humanity.

How do you feel about people such as Kim Kardashian?

I'm happy for them that they exist but I think everyone creates their own universe to an extent - and for some people that [celebrity] is a very important part of their world - but my universe is a very different place.

What are you up to?

I finished with Tigerlily a few months ago to start my new company.

What's in the pipeline?

My new venture is taking an enormous amount of time at the moment. It's another lifestyle company. We hope that it's modern and it says something about fashion. It will be out in January but won't be ready for the public until June. We will launch it for summer. It's exciting to be in the midst of it and to be at the beginning again. It's 14 years since we started Tigerlily, so it's amazing.

WE WENT TO Otto Ristorante, Woolloomooloo.

WE ATE Ravioli di barbabietola, carpaccio di manzo, caprese salad.

WE DRANK Sparkling water.

JODHI WORE Balmain pants, Isabel Marant T-shirt and Fendi heels.

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