Lachlan Cunningham first baby born at new Wollongong Private Hospital

Doctor’s are praising the newly opened Wollongong Private Hospital, saying the incorporation of new technology will take health to a new level.

Obstetrician Dr David Greening had been with the old Figtree Private Hospital for 12 years, delivering just under 2000 babies.

He said moving into the new premises this week was “a piece of cake” and was excited by medical advances that would allow him to monitor his patients remotely and in real time rather than mucking around with faxing data through.

“[The hospital] also has really nice high-tech operating,” he said. “We’ve got the ability when operating to film it and relay it to the boardroom or for teaching purposes.”

Dr Greening’s first delivery of the week, and first to be born in the shiny new maternity ward, was Lachlan Evan Cunningam, born Monday January 18 at 9:36pm.

Mum Alexandria Vonprott wasn’t fazed by the all media attention having grown up from a family with 10 children, often making the local paper from time to time.

The 24-year-old from St Georges Basin is the second eldest of the tribe and the first to bring a grandchild to the world. It was a long labour.

Around 1am Ms Vonprott’s waters broke, but she and partner Luke Cunningham wasted no time in jumping straight in the car to make the hour and a half trek up the coast to the region’s newest hospital.

Proud father Luke beamed as he looked upon the family’s new addition but admitted her “felt so useless” during the 21 hour labour because he couldn’t do much to help.

No doubt he will have plenty to do once the couple return home at the end of the week.

The pair chose the name Lachlan a number of months ago, something they really liked, but his middle name was chosen from family tradition.

“For my family the eldest son will have the paternal grandfather’s first name,” said Ms Vonprott. “So Luke’s dad is his middle name.”

The couple met in the Navy Cadets as teenagers though the romantic spark only ignited four years ago.

Little Lachlan’s future could also be destined for defence with his parents still both working in the Navy, along with other family members serving.

Though his mother noted he could become a star footballer, but that could cause family squabbles later down the track.

Mr Cunningham is a keen soccer fan and hopes his son will be a Manchester United supporter, though Ms von Prott has other ideas being an avid rugby fan and supporter of the Wallabies.

Meantime if Ms Vonprott’s mum gets her way, baby Lachlan could lead his own football team, with grandma wanting another nine more from the couple.