Windang man hit disabled neighbour after blaming him for eviction notice

A Windang man who assaulted his wheelchair-bound neighbour told police he blamed the disabled man for his impending eviction from the NSW Housing unit he had lived in for 18 years.

Jeff Alan Dawes, 27, barged into the man’s Ocean Street unit one afternoon last November and repeatedly slapped him around the head and arms while hurling abuse at him.

The court heard the pair had a history of disagreements, almost all of which would occur in the afternoon when Dawes had been drinking.

Police documents said Dawes had recently been evicted from the unit block over “tenancy issues”.

About 5pm on November 18, the victim saw Dawes walk past his closed but unlocked front door before he turned and yelled at him to come outside.

“You’re the f---ing c--- who had me f---ing kicked out of here. I’ve been here for 18 years ya c---,” Dawes screamed out drunkenly, before continuing to abuse the victim for about 10 minutes and at one stage, cutting the power to his unit.

A short time later Dawes opened the victim’s front door and walked inside to where he sat in the kitchen, before slapping him in the head and arms.

Dawes then turned to leave, shoving a nearby light on the way out, causing it to break.

The victim locked the door after Dawes left and called police.

Upon his arrest, Dawes claimed he’d “only thrown a few things around” because “the c--- had me kicked out”.

Dawes pleaded guilty in court on Wednesday to charges of assault, property damage and entering a building with intent.

He will return to court next month for sentencing.