Taryn Brumfitt's 'Embrace' to be shown in Wollongong: video

The image that started it all. Picture: Taryn Brumfitt
The image that started it all. Picture: Taryn Brumfitt

Bulli kinesiologist Anna Carson is campaigning to have a controversial documentary about body image screened at Greater Union, Wollongong on September 5.

Taryn Brumfitt

Taryn Brumfitt

Embrace has only been shown at selected cinema’s around the country, but Mrs Carson feels it “needs” to be shown in the Illawarra to help change society’s attitudes.

“As a mum of a young daughter and a person who herself has battled with an eating disorder [there needs to be change] so that we can all learn to love our bodies just as they are,” she said.

“I know so many people from my generation who have really struggled with eating disorders and body image problems … and recognising how much of a change there needs to be on a societal level to help the next generation to come through and really embrace their bodies.”

Taryn Brumfitt’s own crippling body image issues are acknowledged in the documentary which sets to highlight the importance of body diversity and to redefine beauty ideals.

Brumfitt crowdsourced funds to create the film after she was trolled for posting an unconventional before-and-after image on Facebook of her looking sleek and toned and the after shot looking bigger and curvier.

Celebrities from Ashton Kutcher to Ricki Lake were among those who contributed.

Mrs Carson, who has previously suffered from bulimia and anorexia, said the issue was close to her heart because she fears her five-year-old will become a statistic too.

Children as young as seven have been reported to battle eating disorders, while it’s classed as the third most common chronic illness for young Australian females according to the National Eating Disorders Collaboration.

Mrs Carson believes the movie will benefit everyone – including husbands and sons – to help shift the way people view themselves and others, and help alter the way people speak about their bodies.

She needs at least 90 people to buy tickets online  HERE before August 29 for the screening of Embrace to go ahead in Wollongong on September 5.