Reel Deal: Charter boat hits on secret snapper spot

Red letter day: Murray Wilson with his snapper caught last weekend on Signa Charter from Kiama.

Red letter day: Murray Wilson with his snapper caught last weekend on Signa Charter from Kiama.

Captain Roscoe from Signa Charters Kiama reported his clients found themselves on a red hot snapper bite last Saturday off Kiama so a GPS mark was recorded and the crew returned on Sunday to finish the back-to-back weekend trips with excellent bags of reef fish including morwong, pig fish and snapper to 3 kilos plus.

Information courtesy Bureau of Meteorology

Information courtesy Bureau of Meteorology

The October weekend saw the official opening of the trout season in NSW and early reports have been very promising for a bumper trout season.

Steve Williamson from Jindabyne reported there have been heaps of fish in the Alpine dams and streams but it depends on facts, tactics and commitment from the individual angler whether or not they can be caught.

Steve said this recent winter had been very wet, if not exceptionally wet, and that basically means the trout have had better than perfect conditions to spawn and breed.

By now most would have returned to the lakes proper but a few resident river fish will always be available to target for the fly and lure angler.

Good news is that some of those “residents” may be some of the Gaden Trout Hatchery brook trout released or maybe some of the huge ex fishing clinic rainbow trout that still are hanging around the hatchery area waiting to be fed.

Lake Jindabyne has enjoyed a reasonably productive over the winter months for the trolling crews who had to endure some very trying conditions.

Bait fishing on Jindy has been sensational as the rising waters from the rain and snow melt, has seen excellent sized fish feeding in very shallow water as they searched for drowned insects and worms right on the water’s edge.

Combine a softly softly approach and stand a discreet distance from water’s edge and land a well presented fly and hang on - some of the browns have been well over 2 kilos.

Reports indicate it was nothing to pick up your five-trout limit in a few hours of shore-based angling using worm and artificial baits but you may find that some days the trout will pick up the bait and drop it if you haven’t set everything up correctly.