Letters to the editor October 17 2016


Wednesday's Illawarra Mercury headline stated the harbour upgrade must be priority.

But what about the constant eyesore that is happening daily along the Blue Mile that the public and council has invested in already.

That being the frontage just a little north of North Wollongong Surf Life Saving Club.

The roadside and medium strip area is utilised by the commercial premises of North Wollongong Beach precinct for their accumulated rubbish/recycling bins and on display for all who utilise this Blue Mile walkway/cycle way.

This area should be kept clear and presentable at all times and not left for days on end with rubbish overflowing and unsightly bins on display following being empty.

Cr Bradbery has stated that $33 million has been spent on the project since 2009, with another $11 million being spent on current works.

Yet all of this is being abused, tarnished by this visual display. What hope have we?

If commercial premises and council, cannot maintain a prime tourist area of Wollongong, how are we ever going to attract tourist and justify future investments?

D. Allen, North Wollongong


I disagree with comments made in “Just Legalised Killing” (Illawarra Mercury, October 13, 2016).

Euthanasia does not mean being allowed to intentionally kill somebody.

It means having the choice to decide when your life becomes unacceptable to yourself.

Living with pain, unable to communicate, being confined to bed, not knowing the people around you. Being unable to lead a reasonable life not ntuck in a nursing home causing more stress on your family (no disrespect to nursing homes).

I am 73 years old, very healthy and happy. I love my family dearly and do not want to put them through the emotional rollercoaster that I have been through with family illness in the past.

I believe that , I have made the right choice in wanting to be able to decide when I have had enough and have filled in a medical card stating these conditions.

I agree that you can refuse treatment , but then it is only prolonging your pain.

I have discussed this matter with my doctor, Dying with Dignity and most importantly my family and all agree with my decision. If I can have a happy family dinner before I go that would be great.

I want to see smiles, not worry, tears and sadness.

My final point is the government did not raise me nor contribute to me becoming the loving,caring person that I am, then why should they have the right to tell me that I cannot decide what is best for me in the future.

There are lots of reasons to debate this matter,  a lot of pros and cons and legalities, but most important is the happiness and well being of each person.

Pamela Russell, Berkeley


Equality opponent Adrian Devlin (Illawarra Mercury, October 10, 2016) urges others to not misrepresent the views of Christians on marriage.

If only he would practice what he preaches. Polls have shown for some years now that a majority of Christians and a majority of Australians support marriage equality.

It's time for parliament to accept the will of the majority. 

The government should stop wasting time and money and have a conscience vote as soon as possible.

Parliament is the centre of our representative democracy.

That's where decisions are democratically made - not in some expensive, dodgy, public hate vote that we don't need and can't afford, whose result Coalition members of parliament will ignore anyway.

Brendan Lloyd, Wollongong


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