Primbee man caught smuggling meth between his bum cheeks during strip search: court

It’s the tried and tested police method of uncovering secreted drugs that is sure to bring even the most tightly clenched smuggler undone.

Such was the case in Lake Illawarra Police Station on Wednesday afternoon when the ‘naked squat’ cracked its latest case.

Prolific criminal Michael Stoklasa had been brought into the station after being found in possession of unprescribed Xanax tablets, a used syringe and a bag of .22 calibre bullets in his pants pocket during a vehicle search at Primbee.

Despite denying he was carrying anything else illegal, Stoklasa was subjected to a strip search by police, who had him remove his clothing and underwear in the holding cell.

He was then instructed to squat.

Police documents tendered to Wollongong Local Court on Thursday described what happened next.

“When he crouched down a large clear resealable bag was heard to hit the concrete floor,” investigating officers wrote.

“Upon closer inspection by police, the bag was folded over multiple times allowing it to be placed in between his buttock cheeks….[Stoklasa] informed police the contents was ‘meth’ referring to methylamphetamine.”

Police claim the bag weighed 11.22 grams including the packaging, making it more than double the indictable quantity.

Stoklasa was charged with deemed drug supply owing to the amount of drug found, however his lawyer, Matthew Ward, told the court on Thursday there was no evidence to support such a charge.

“There’s no doubt as to his possession [of the drug], however there’s no evidence of supply,” he said.

“His prior record is consistent with personal drug use.”

Mr Ward sought bail for Stoklasa, who he said had always turned up to court in the past and would agree to strict conditions if released.

However, police opposed Stoklasa’s application, noting his lengthy criminal record included prior convictions for drugs.

They also raised concerns for community safety over his possession of the ammunition.

Magistrate Mark Douglass refused to release Stoklasa, saying he had only recently finished serving parole following a term of imprisonment for possessing house breaking tools and riding in a stolen car.

He also said Stoklasa’s apparent drug addiction was troubling.

“The court can’t ignore the link between drug use and serious criminal offending,” he said.

“I find there’s an unacceptable risk of him committing further serious offences if he is released.

The case was adjourned to November 23.