Illawarra man accused of sexual assualts against stepdaughter, 12, during sleepover, camping trip

An Illawarra man accused of molesting his former partner’s 12-year-old daughter has been granted strict conditional bail in Wollongong Local Court.

The 49-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is accused of twice attempting to rape the girl while she and her mother were living at his house in 2013.

In court on Friday, Magistrate Mark Douglass granted the man strict bail despite the gravity of the allegations.

“The nature of the alleged offence is serious; it’s sexual, it’s predatory, it’s domestic,” he said.

“However, the court is of the view the risk posed by the defendant can be mitigated by imposing strict bail conditions.”

Magistrate Douglass prohibited the man from having any contact with the girl or her mother, banned him from going within 100 metres of their house and ordered daily reporting to police.

As part of his release he is also barred from being around children under 16 unless in the presence of his mother or father.

Police documents tendered to the court claim the man first took advantage of the girl while they were alone in the house on a stormy night sometime between January and September 2013.

It is alleged he invited her to sleep in his bed and had her remove her underwear when she agreed.

The nature of the alleged offence is serious; it’s sexual, it’s predatory, it’s domestic

Magistrate Mark Douglass

The girl claims the man tried to rape her while they were watching a movie.

The second incident is alleged to have occurred in September 2013 while the pair were in a tent while camping near Nowra.

The girl claimed the man removed his penis from his pants and moved towards the girl, however she told him she had her period, prompting him to stop.

The man and the girl’s mother ended their relationship in April 2015.

The girl, now aged 15, reported the alleged abuse to police in August 2016.

The man was arrested last Thursday and charged with aggravated sexual assault and indecent assault.

The matter returns to court in December.