Man produced axe and threatened "to cut everyone's head off", court hears

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A woman has fled her Albion Park home with her daughter after her partner produced an axe and declared, “I’m going to cut everyone’s head off”, a court has heard. 

The man was painting the woman’s parents’ property and consuming a large amount of alcohol on Sunday when an overturned tin of pain ruined his good mood, according to police documents tendered to Wollongong Local Court.  

The woman has told police the man, 34, grew visibly agitated later that afternoon. She went to cover him with a sleeping that night after the couple and the woman’s daughter retired to their home – a shed at the back of the property. He awoke and requested a cigarette – there were none – then allegedly got up and said,  “where is the handsaw?”. The woman allegedly hid the handsaw, before the asked the whereabouts of an axe. 

The woman and her daughter ran from the shed when the man allegedly returned a short time later with an axe raised above his head, and made the threat.

The man was refused bail in court Monday. He pleaded not guilty to a charge of intimidation and will return to court November 15.