Letters October 19 2016


For many years I have had concerns over Australia’s absolute and unequivocal commitment to the American alliance.

This unquestioned allegiance has proved to be problematic.

We would be better off taking a less aligned position and simply having a friendly and co­operative relationship with America and with other nations.

We could thus have a role in the world as an “honest broker” which could well allow us to assist in the resolution of world conflicts in a much more useful way than we do at present.

This would also distance us from conflicts that are none of our business and add to our own security.

It seems strange that Australian politicians can describe the American Presidential aspirant Donald Trump as “barking mad,” and “entirely unsuitable,” whilst at the same time giving unconditional support to the country which is seriously considering electing him as their President.

John Martin, Woonona


Bruce Ingrey’s article (Illawarra Mercury, October 13, 2016) regarding same-sex marriage begins with an insight into the origins of a proposed plebiscite, from his perspective.

Sadly, though, in my opinion, the article loses credibility when he launches a personal attack on people who do not share his view on same-sex marriage: “…..they will still have their religion, bigotry and homophobia to console them in their anger and self-righteousness,” he says, of Labor’s decision to block the plebiscite.

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard – in the early stages of her leadership – opposed same-sex marriage.

Was she religious? No, she was an atheist. Was she bigoted? No, she respected the views of others.

Was she homophobic? No, her Labor Party colleagues never accused her of being homophobic.

So, why are others who have concerns about same-sex marriage labelled homophobic, bigoted, etc, when Julia Gillard was not?

It’s because she and many who do not agree with same-sex marriage are not bigoted or homophobic, as Bruce Ingrey’s article accuses.

W. Simpson, Unanderra


Now that Mr Baird has seen the light on some issues that were ridiculous he now needs to back down on Shellharbour Wollongong council merger.  

Where are you members of the liberal party to insist he back-off with issue?

We need local representation always in our community and must continue to have a voice not a mumbled voice that merging would do.

Good governance requires you members to now step up and make Baird see the light in this area as well.

 Who knows you just might save him by doing so.

Judith Harrington, Warilla


The Compassionate Friends is a worldwide organisation for families who have lost a child, regardless of the age of the child or the length of bereavement.

Several regional gatherings have been held this year to bring people together and to bring awareness to the service.

Kiama is hosting one of these gatherings on Saturday, November 5, at the Anglican Hall , 1 Terralong St, Kiama.

Several guest speakers will speak, along with a choice of workshops after lunch.

We would like to invite anyone in the Illawarra who has experienced the death of their child, grandchild or sibling.

It is a day for coming together, being together and remembering together. Details from the website www.tcfnsw.org.au.

Denise Adams, Kiama


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