Letters to the editor November 25 2016

READER IMAGE: Rylee Cole's picture of Whyjuck Bay at Mt Warrigal. If you would like your image featured email letters@illawarramercury.com.au or via our Facebook page.
READER IMAGE: Rylee Cole's picture of Whyjuck Bay at Mt Warrigal. If you would like your image featured email letters@illawarramercury.com.au or via our Facebook page.


Firstly I would like to congratulate Wollongong City Council for finally enforcing the laws of dog control.

Wollongong City Council has been educating dog owners for over 30 years and still people like Ms Choda complain when they break the laws.

There are a few things in Ms Chodas story that don't gel.

Firstly she look up the area and saw Puckeys was a leash free area so she thought all of Puckeys was leash free.

She forgot to say there is an aerial map showing the actual leash free area in Puckeys.

Corrimal also has a leash free area.  Did she think that all of Corrimal was leash free?

 As for the signage, there is that much signage to explain to dog owners what to do you can hardly see the lagoon for explanatory signage.

And still Ms Choda failed to notice the large bright red sign saying “no dogs allowed”.

Amazing.  As for her dog not being registered It is a state legislation that all dogs must be registered and micro chipped and yet Ms Choda also didn't know that.

As for the other complaints about breaching the other regulations, I’m sure the rangers will have photos to back up their side of the story.

If Ms Choda really chooses to go to court Wollongong council has given many beach areas to being leash free for dogs

Hopefully one wonderful day people will have  beach areas where they can also run free without being  annoyed by dogs 

Again thanks to the rangers for doing their job

Ray Jaeger, Coledale


Gareth Ward you seem to be putting more effort into the Princess Highway  upgrade from Berry to Bomaderry then the Albion Park Rail bypass.

When are you going to guarantee a starting date for the Albion Park Rail bypass or  is it another  hollow promise?

Remember this is a swinging seat.

George Mercieca, Albion Park


I wish to congratulate the Wollongong Hospital and the ambulance service, on the love and care I was shown on the three visits I had to the hospital this year.

When I arrived at hospital I was greeted by a doctor and nurse who said they would take care of me. I could not fault my care. Thank you Wollongong Hospital

Judith Corrie, Bellambi


In a democracy people are allowed to think as they wish. Respect for another's point of view is the most important aspect of our society.

This is quite the opposite of binary thinking , that is if you do not agree with a certain point of view, then you must believe in the opposite position.  

The human mind is capable of holding many ideas at the same time, just as individuals are able to believe some of many different positions. This is what makes society so interesting.

Ben Morris, Wollongong


I live in Wollongong post code 2500 and I walk through the mall and Wollongong Central frequently.

It seems to me if something isn't done soon to both areas shoppers will go elsewhere. And really that is already happening.  Somewhere where there is free parking either for two hours or similar.

Myers have left and that's a major outlet gone from Wollongong, serious I think. Smaller shops close down all the time, or move over to the newly built extension and then still battle to exist.

Wollongong council needs to seriously address this issue. 

Sheilah Bartlett, Wollongong


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