Editorial November 28 2016

Photo: Paul Gunther
Photo: Paul Gunther

Please ensure your place at the dinner table this Christmas is not left empty.

Judging by the shopping centres around the Illawarra at the weekend, we are already in full silly season mode.

That time of year where there is an awful lot on, a lot to do, a lot of “festive cheer” and people are rushing to get places.

Two young teenagers already know how lucky they are to be still on this earth this Christmas.

Photo: Paul Gunther

Photo: Paul Gunther

Their exploits made headlines across the nation on Saturday morning.

They were driving across the Sea Cliff Bridge when their utility crashed through two barriers and hurtled down the side of the cliff.

Thankfully the vehicle came to a stop just short of plunging into the ocean.

The young men then had to scale the cliff, sustaining only minor injuries, to reach help.

Police have stated speed was a factor in the crash.

‘’Investigations are still ongoing and we are looking to track down some witnesses, but there is enough evidence there to suggest speed was a factor,’’ Acting Inspector Charlie Hutchins said.

‘’It seems the car was definitely going quick. They are very lucky to have walked away with what are minor injuries really.’’

Anyone who has surveyed the scene and knows the area echoes our headline of “how did they survive this?”.

It’s a timely reminder to slow down and take your time this festive season.

Be careful on the roads and remember getting to your destination late is better than not getting to your destination at all.

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The online comments said it all.

This from our Facebook page: “Poor little fellows. How cruel and selfish. They are there for all to see and love. Now their lives are threatened by someone's absolute stupidity. Hope they have a conscience and return them safely.”

A four-week-old baby was one of three rare pygmy marmoset monkeys which were stolen from the Symbio Wildlife Park at Helensburgh on Friday night.

Keepers at the zoo were devastated and thankfully the baby monkey was recovered by police during a vehicle search in Appin on Sunday afternoon.

The other two monkeys are yet to be recovered and police say they arrested two men who are assisting with enquiries.