Letters to the Editor November 28 2016

MEN AT WORK: Adam McLean's image of Wonderwalls. If you would like you image featured email letters@illawarramercury.com.au or share it on our Facebook page.
MEN AT WORK: Adam McLean's image of Wonderwalls. If you would like you image featured email letters@illawarramercury.com.au or share it on our Facebook page.


In response to Saturday’s letter from Mr Bob Patrech of the Seniors United Party of Australia, I would like to clarify incorrect claims made in the correspondence.   

I am not on the Board of Hurstville Private Hospital, or any other private hospital and I have no financial interest, including share holdings, in any health service provider.

A simple ASIC search would have confirmed that I have no such relationship‎ with the owners of Hurstville Private Hospital.

As part of the processes involved in ‎a development of the scale of the proposed Shellharbour redevelopment, there are rigorous independent probity checks, specifically addressing possible conflicts of interest, to which all of us involved in the process must comply, and they were completed before any deliberations commenced.

I can reassure Mr Patrech that I give adequate attention to the Local Health District Board‎, and that my only commitment to the Illawarra and Shoalhaven districts is to the development of public health services.

Clinical Professor Denis King OAM, Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District Board Chair.


Steve Melchior's support for Skydive's application to construct a building at Stuart Park is understandable. 

He speaks for Just Cruising Harley that "takes customers for motor bike tours". 

Tourism is welcome but not when the business takes over a people's park. 

Stuart Park is a people's park that for decades has been enjoyed by residents and visitors. 

It is a feature of Wollongong's natural environment that must remain open and free. 

This is contested by a virus that is emanating from Macquarie Street – the Baird government has been declared NSW's most reactionary government. 

Local councils are losing their democratic mandate and NSW is leading the  privatisation of the people's estate. 

Is Stuart Park to become a victim of the privatisation virus? Only if we let it. 

People’s action saved the North Beach Pavilion.  The same action is needed to save Stuart Park.

Reg Wilding, Wollongong


In response to the article by Andrew Pearson "Call for Turnbull to act on Maldon" (Illawarra Mercury, Monday November 28, 2016), well done to Member for Cunningham Sharon Bird and Whitlam MP Stephen Jones for slamming Prime Minister Turnbull over his infrastructure statement in which he failed to commit any funding for the completion of the Maldon - Dombarton rail line.

However, there is a slight problem with this justified criticism.

Labor, while in government from 2007-2013 failed to do anything about the Maldon-Dombarton rail line.

Isn't it just wonderful to be in opposition and stand up for everything decent, worthwhile and good, after all it cost absolutely bloody nothing.

Where did those bags of hot air go?

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow


How pleasing it is to see the great photos in the Illawarra Mercury of the beautiful young people smartly dressed and smiling taken at their school formals.

With youth like this as our future,surely we need to overlook all the doom and gloom that currently abounds and note that these young ones appear completely suited, and confident,to face the  many problems and new world experiences that they,and us oldies, will face.

Thank you Illawarra Mercury for publishing these uplifting photos,and good luck to all the youngsters depicted,and let us wish their future prospects are as bright as the smiles on their faces.

David Taylor, Horsley