Letters to the editor November 30 2016

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SUMMER?: Sylvia Liber captures rain falling on City Beach. To have your image featured email letters@illawarramercury.com.au or tag us via @illawarramerc.


Over the last week, we have witnessed the final morphing of Malcolm Turnbull in to Tony Abbott.

Those wishing for a return of their beloved Abbott need look no further than Turnbull, as his words and deeds on sucking up to the new Trump-led USA and supporting the disgusting words used by his immigration minister, belittling Malcolm Fraser’s compassionate immigration policy of the 1970’s.

Trying to say that the Australian Labor Party and other politicians are not on a unity ticket in fighting terror and keeping us safe as a nation is a new low, right out of Tony Abbott’s book.

How proud you must look, when each day you look into the mirror Mr Turnbull. Who do you see?

Richard Ruse, Figtree


My son Josh has just got his autism support dog from smart pups in Queensland. It has been a three-year process from application to today.

This autism support dog has the same public access rights as a guide dog. Her name is Rissa. Today we were asked to leave a local business we frequent a lot and spend lot of money in.

Rissa was wearing her public access vest and was accompanied by myself and 2 trainers from start pups. We tried to explain but we're not given the chance before we were asked to leave immediately.  This occurred after we had paid for our purchases.

I approached the owner after we left the business. He had been told by a colleague he could not ask us to leave.  

I pointed out that he had discriminated against us and Rissa. In the end he realised and told us we were free  to enter his business any time.

I want to make these guide or assistance dogs to be more recognised in our community.  If I was blind it would jot have been an issue.

We need to make these dogs accepted in the Illawarra.  Please help me make these beautiful special dogs more known.

Sam Lyon, Farmborough Heights


I watched a program on ABC TV two nights ago where a pair of young reporters, who both identified as being homosexual, interviewed a man who admitted to murdering gay people in Brazil.

The Brazilian man stated that people making homosexual love, cannot produce children. He seemed to think that procreation was the only purpose for making love. I feel sorry for him and for his wife/wives if he has not had better information than that. For we higher animals, the act of making love is never only about producing children. It's about so much more than that. It's about showing love and commitment, and about caring for your partner. And most people in relationships would agree that, although they may have produced two or three children, they will have enjoyed the act of sex more than just the two or three times it took to achieve the pregnancies. And that is just the way God planned it!

Secondly, every religion agrees that the murder of another person is against God's commandments. So no person can justify the murder of another person, no matter what  personal agenda they may put forward for their action.

And the third point I want to make is that when I am sitting having a cup of coffee with a person, or handing out political fliers with a person, or working with a person, it is not my business who that person might be spending their night with, or what they might be doing in the privacy of their home. It simply is no part of my relationship with the person, so why should I  need to have an opinion about their love life?

If we believe in a creator God at all, then we have to accept that we are all creations of that God, and if some person does not like what God has made, then I suggest that it is not God whose view of humanity is at fault.

Martina Thiele, Warrawong