Boater blitz under way this week

Boaters not wearing life jackets are being targeted by Roads and Maritime Services and NSW Police in a week-long crackdown.

Operation Boatsafe started last weekend and continues through to sundown on January 15.

It sees RMS boating safety officers working with NSW Police to randomly stop those on the waters they find breaking the law.

“The aim is to reduce the number of serious injury and fatal boating incidents on NSW waterways through safety and compliance activities,” said Director of NSW Maritime Angus Mitchell.

“Boating safety officers and NSW Police will be out in force to ensure the appropriate lifejacket is worn and carried for the intended journey.

“There will be a strong focus on servicing and maintenance of inflatable lifejackets which are very popular with the boating community.”

Mr Mitchell said inflatable lifejackets had to be serviced and certified every year.

He said there were new and amended boating rules which came into effect in July 2016, including new standards for lifejackets and requirements for wearing them.

“Importantly, canoe and kayak users are now required to wear a lifejacket at all times, rather than when more than 100 metres from the shore as was previously required,” Mr Mitchell said.

“Safety is paramount on our waterways and boaters should be ensuring they are up to date with requirements for boating safely.”