Letters, January 11

NDIS system unfair

It seems as though disabled pensioners are being thrown off the disability pension by stealth. Apparently when one applies for the NDIS, their medical history is viewed by something known as NDIA to ascertain whether or not they remain eligible to receive their pension.

People are being struck off using this method, leaving these poor souls without means to survive, is this fair or unfair, Australia was always known as the nation of “the fair go” it seems that reputation is quickly being eroded by the Turnbull government.

Shaun Newman, Townsville

Waiting for an answer

Gareth Ward now the planning for the Albion Park Rail By Pass has been put on the back burner for 12 months does this mean that R.M.S.will bring the planning and  consideration of the Berry to Bomaderry road up grade forward? We will all be waiting for you answer.

George Mercieca, Albion Park

System being manipulated

Reply to the letter by Dave Cox, "CENTRELINK NOT THE DEMON" Mercury, Monday January 9, 2016. To quote the fourth paragraph "No Organization in its right mind would deliberately boot up a computer system with the sole purpose in mind of a deliberate mass attack on the helpless."

I remind Mr Cox that by upgrading systems you generally get a more efficient program and if you do not do such things from time to time, it follows that your not keeping on top of the situation.

Pensions, welfare assistance payments, unemployment benefits, child care payments, youth allowance payments and student loan schemes to study at university continue to be paid by the Federal government under the Coalition.

So, how is this a mass attack on the helpless, Mr Cox? We have people on disability pensions with all the added benefits who are full-time members of violent motorcycle gangs and going overseas to fight in the Middle East.

Just look at the thousands of overseas backpackers who work hard while making good money picking fruit on local farms and yet, regrettably young healthy unemployed people avoid this type of work like the plague.

Mr Cox surely cannot deny that a percentage of people have manipulated the system to receive welfare payments they do not deserve.  The welfare system is an important social safety net, for those in genuine need who are unable to financially support themselves.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow

Reader's pic: Boonerah Point, Lake Illawarra by Rylee Cole. Send images to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or tag us @illawarramerc

Reader's pic: Boonerah Point, Lake Illawarra by Rylee Cole. Send images to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or tag us @illawarramerc

Doors open at Hyams Beach

This time of the year Hyams Beach Village is vibrant and exciting as the sounds of laughter waft from the three beaches that border the village.

 I welcome ‘day-trippers’ and hope they enjoy the beautiful public spaces that Hyams Beach offers. Not all residents “fear their little piece of paradise is being loved to death” (South Coast Register) and understand that the beaches are public and for all to enjoy.  

I thank the majority of visitors for removing their litter from the beaches. I thank the Council for quickly responding to the increased volume of litter by providing more and larger bins. I thank the visitors for their courtesy and friendliness as they make their way to one of our beautiful beaches. 

L. Hoskins, Hyams Beach

No-one else to blame 

I have lived in Nowra all my life and I was very offended by the program on ABC ‘The End of the Line’. 

Nowra didn’t cause these people to become addicted to drugs, it was their choice. If they hate Nowra so much, why don’t they do what Mr Abood (producer) did and relocate? 

M.Russell, Shoalhaven Heads