Reel Deal: Marlin mania off coast

 First catch: Dominic Paronetto (left) and Peter McDonald with Dom's first ever marlin from last weekend.

First catch: Dominic Paronetto (left) and Peter McDonald with Dom's first ever marlin from last weekend.

Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal said marlin mania hit overdrive this week.

Swarms of boats have been heading out to have a crack at these amazing pelagics.

There have been quite a few caught over the last few days up and down the coast.

Information courtesy Bureau of Meteorology.

Information courtesy Bureau of Meteorology.

But for local anglers off Wollongong, it seems the hot bites have been either further north or down south.

Fish have been caught trolling both lures and livies and a couple have been switch baited.

Both species of black and striped have been from 70 to 100 kilos with the 60 to 80 fathom depth line seeming to be the better areas.

The FADs are packed with small kingfish and dolphin fish that are both under size.

Their bigger cousins have been playing hard to get of late but should all change as the water warms.

The snapper fishos had a good bite last week with some excellent fish caught.

A couple nudged over the 6kg mark and were caught out wide in about 90 metres depth.

The reds have been caught in both shallow water and on the wider reefs with bait outdoing the plastics for the first time in a long time.

Strips of squid and/or slimey mackerel have accounted for some quality fish of late.

Those chasing the humble flathead can’t believe the run of fish at present.

All the usual haunts are holding some excellent sized fish as well as some of the beaches as well.

The kings are still about but are being particularly fussy of late.

Plenty of boats have been marking some big hoods but just can’t get them to bite.

Slow trolled slimey or squid downrigged should see you get a bite but if you can’t connect with the bigger ones there is still plenty of rats to keep you amused.

The annual in-store fishing comp has been restarted for 2017 with a blank board so far.

There is an open invitation for any angler to present their catch to the tackle shop, gutted and gilled for weighing.

If your fish is the heaviest for that species you will get your name in lights maybe until 2018.

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