Voters to blame 

We see and hear members of the ALP, and AP Government Members putting down the State Liberal Government over the Lifts at Unanderra Railway Station.

I have not a lot of time for Government Liberal members with the exception of Gareth Ward who has done things for me because I am still waiting three years for answers to letters to my local Member.

When Labor was in power in the state, the reason we did not get lifts at Unanderra was because the Member for Wollongong Noreen Hay voted against this being done and supported David Campbell in getting these lifts installed at Bulli instead of Unanderra.

So I feel our members of Parliament and voters should lay the blame at the persons who voted against what should have been the prioty.

Richard Cannan, Warilla

Manners, respect, dignity

Response to the letter by John Pronk, "SPECIAL KIND OF KINDNESS IN OLD DAYS" Mercury, Thursday February 9, 2017.

Spot on, John.

Manners, respect and dignity were just a natural part of everyday life in the fifties.

We have lost what we had Mr Pronk thanks to atheism, social engineering of parents and children, lack of respect for those in authority, political correctness while limiting thought and free speech.

These people have almost achieved what they wanted, the complete reversal of marriage, family life, responsibility for ones actions, and the redefinition of good and evil.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow

The answers right here 

I have the answer to climate change and unemployment.

It is simple—legislate for councils and shires within the country to be made responsible for the production of electricity using renewable energy and natural gas.

An example would be, for instance, Moree Council building and operating solar power and natural gas fired power stations.

In our areas the numerous Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven councils could have operations similar to Moree.

Where gas is not available, wind, hydro or thermal in addition to solar can be used for production.

For the plan to be successful all operations have to be internal—completely controlled by individual local governments—without interference by corporations and the Federal and State governments.

John Macleod, Berry

Follow the rules

Rick Supple (Letters Feb 11) should note that rangers only fine people if they contravene Council regulations.

Simple, follow the rules and don't get fined.

Pamela Hazelwood, Balgownie

Reader's pic: Wollongong sunrise by Bob Corderoy. Send your image to letters @illawarramercury.com.au or tag via @illawarramerc.

Reader's pic: Wollongong sunrise by Bob Corderoy. Send your image to letters @illawarramercury.com.au or tag via @illawarramerc.

Donations win elections

I was doing some research the other day on political donations, it was very interesting to know who donated how much to which political parties.

Current laws allow donations below $13,000 to be kept secret.

Labor voluntarily disclose donations over $1000. The liberals should too.

Corporations make donations to influence politictions, they are not giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars for the fun of it, but if we cant see who is making the donations how can we make our politicians accountable.

This is called dark money.

Liberals want this money so they can use it to win elections.

If the Liberals lower their donation threshold we will all have more accountability and transparency around  donations, we should ask Mr Turnbull and Mr Bernadi who is doing the most buying.

The law states you must voluntarily disclose donations above $1000.

Matty Ryan, Fairy Meadow