Letters to the editor February 19 2017

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ORANGE DELIGHT: A Primbee sunset by M. Trevillion, Fairy Meadow. Send your image to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or tag us via @illawarramerc.


In reply to Mr Steley’s letter on “Ignorance from Senator inexcusable” (Illawarra Mercury, February 3, 2017) ,I would like to thank Mr Steley for giving me another opportunity to discuss my push to move Labour Day to April 1.

As I have highlighted on my Facebook page, it is my view we should move Labour Day to April 1 because the elites that run most big unions and the Labor Party no longer represent everyday Australians.

I note:

1. The big unions and the Labor party are married.  I is as simple as that. Annastacia Palaszczuk ran for election on a platform to restore the day to May 1 after Campbell Newman changed it to October.

2. These days Labour Day is a celebration for big unions and the Labor party. In fact I note their march starts at ALP headquarters in South Brisbane. Labour Day started as a celebration of the 8 hour work day, but has been hijacked by anti-worker unions and their Labor mates in parliament.

3. Labour Day no longer represents what workers want or need, as union bosses continue to steal workers’ money and Labor politicians continue to take advantage of workers and their families. In fact on Labour Day a casualised work force is most likely working their second jobs in a depleted economy, not marching with union thugs.

Further Mr Steley, yes I do stand for and believe in the policies of One Nation. I believe that our country’s future wealth and prosperity for all Australians can be assured only through listening and caring enough to speak out openly and honestly on tough issues.

Senator Malcolm Roberts, One Nation Senator for Queensland


Damage control rather than genuine contrition seems to remain as the prime concern for those speaking publicly on behalf of the Catholic Church, since the most recent findings of the royal commission into Institutionalised child sexual abuse have become public.

Francis Sullivan CEO of the Truth, Justice and Healing Council(TJHC) when appearing on TV and speaking about the abuse and cover-up of the crimes against children committed by Catholic clergy, appeared to be moved almost to tears.

However, if one delves further into CEO Francis Sullivan’s extensive commentary and “blogs” during the royal commission process; the image of a man solely concerned about the welfare of child victims of sexual abuse by by Catholic clergy, might possibly be seen by a reasonable person, as more contrived than candid?

Barry Swan, Balgownie


I was doing some research the other day on political donations.

It was very interesting to know who donated how much to which political parties.

Current laws allow donations below $13,000 to be kept secret.

Labor voluntarily disclose donations over $1000 and the Liberals should too.

Corporations make donations to influence politicians. They’re not giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars for the fun of it.

But if we cant see who is making the donations how can we make our politicians accountable.

This is called dark money. Liberals want this money so they can use it to win elections.

If the Liberals lower their donation threshold we will all have more accountability and transparency around  donations.

We should ask Mr Turnbull and Mr Bernardi who is doing the most buying. The law states you must voluntarily disclose donations above $1000.

Matty Ryan, Fairy Meadow


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