Corrimal High School teacher Kurt John Majoor accused of having sex with student refused bail

Corrimal High PE teacher Kurt John Majoor
Corrimal High PE teacher Kurt John Majoor

An Illawarra high school teacher has been refused bail accused of having sex with one of his female students.

Prosecutors allege Corrimal High PE teacher Kurt John Majoor “groomed” the teenage girl by sending her sexually explicit messages and naked images of his penis via Facebook and Snapchat in a series of exchanges that took place between February 11 and 13.

They agreed to meet before school on February 13 in an area known as the ‘Bellambi paddocks’.

The girl later told police they walked a short distance to sand dunes near Corrimal Beach where they allegedly had sex.

It is alleged Majoor told the girl “I want this to be really quick, we need to get to school” before asking her not to tell anyone what had occurred.

Corrimal High PE teacher Kurt John Majoor.

Corrimal High PE teacher Kurt John Majoor.

“Keep this quiet, don't tell anyone, just act normal… at school,” he allegedly said.

The teen said he then gave her a lift back to the school, dropping her off a couple of streets away.

She disclosed the alleged incident to friends at school that morning.

The matter was reported to police on Tuesday, prompting officers to arrest Majoor on Wednesday morning at the East Corrimal home he shares with his parents.

He was charged with one count of sexual intercourse with a person under care and refused police bail.

Fronting Wollongong Local Court on Wednesday afternoon, Majoor did not enter a plea to the charge but did seek release on bail, saying he would agree to any conditions imposed by the court.

Kurt Majoor's father and brother leaving Wollongong courthouse on Wednesday

His lawyer, Darryl Quirk, denied suggestions from police that the 25-year-old presented an unacceptable risk of interfering with witnesses and the alleged victim if granted bail.

“He would agree to a curfew, not to go within 500 metres of Corrimal High School and have no contact with witnesses,” Mr Quirk said, noting Majoor had no prior criminal record and had cooperated with police when arrested.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Shannon Ryan opposed Majoor’s release application, labelling him a danger to the community.

“He’s in a unique position of trust [as a teacher] … on these allegations he's completely abused that trust,” Sgt Ryan said.

“He has allegedly subjected her to grooming techniques via social media. There was a degree of planning associated with this … it was by no means opportunistic.”

In asking the court to refuse bail, Sgt Ryan argued the prosecution case was a strong one and Majoor faced a likely jail sentence if convicted.

Kurt Majoor's mother and partner leave the courthouse on Wednesday

Magistrate Michael Stoddart echoed prosecution concerns when handing down his decision, saying Majoor posed too much of a risk to the community to be released.

Majoor was supported in court by his partner, brother and parents. His mother gave an audible gasp and broke down in tears when bail was refused.

The case was adjourned to April 19 for mention.

Majoor has been suspended with pay.