Letters to the editor March 18 2017

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ON YOUR BIKE: Elwyn Jordan's image of Deakin Reserve Oak Flats. Send your image to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or share it on our Facebook page.


Are you a tosser?

Do you throw rubbish out of your car window? Do you toss rubbish in the street? 

Do you empty all of the Maccas wrappings out of your car into the gutter or throw the empty drink bottle out when you could hang onto it and put it in the bin when you get home?

We all live somewhere and there is always a bin there.

Have you been affected by floods or flooding water because it is not getting away down the stormwater system?

Well if you are a tosser you have contributed to the problem because your rubbish has blocked a drain somewhere.

If a drain has blocked near you, you may not have tossed the rubbish near your house but some else has and caused your problem. Alternately you have tossed rubbish elsewhere and caused a problem for others.

So if you are a tosser you can't whinge about flooding because you are contributing to the problem.

I should also mention that the local council should force all supermarkets to follow Aldi's lead and charge to use the trolleys.

We will see less trolleys thrown into creeks or left beside the road.

Des Bedford, Unanderra


I had heard several coalition Ministers and the PM say that “One Nation Party was far more sophisticated now, than 20 years ago”.

I looked up the word in the dictionary last week just in case I had forgotten the right meaning of the word.

It means “intelligent, knowledgeable, to appreciate culture and the arts, someone less natural or innocent ,such as by education”.

I honestly can not see any links between this One Nation Party and the dictionary meaning of the word.

It looks like that the people of WA  were awake to this bunch of hillbillies.

John Pronk, Wollongong


Yes, Fairlie (Fair Play, Illawarra Mercury, March 13) intoxicated people are unpleasant.  

They are self-centred, thoughtless, demanding and unreasonable - much like (very) young children, in fact.  

And, like young children, they are dependent on others to get them home, look after their safety and help them when they are lost or injured.  

I find it strange that adults, knowing that they will become a burden on others, deliberately set out to get drunk, despite considering themselves to be grown up and responsible at other times.

Still, Fairlie, you say it is wonderful to be drunk with other drunk people.  

So, I guess that justifies deliberately becoming dependent and relying on sober people to make it through the night.  

We wouldn't want you to miss out on that great experience, even if we have to pick up the pieces (literally and metaphorically) afterwards.

Bronwyn Bryceson, Mangerton


An NSW Upper House review has found that the NSW workers compensation scheme broken.  

This confirms what many of us, who work with injured workers, have witnessed since Barry O'Farrell “reformed” the scheme.

Surely this review should provide a clear warning that current plans to “reform” the CTP “Green Slip” system should be treated with extreme skepticism and will result in similar terrible outcomes for those injured in motor vehicle accidents.

Tony Heathwood, Kiama Downs


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