Berkeley rapist Leroy Fisher gets five years’ jail

Rapist Leroy Fisher.
Rapist Leroy Fisher.

Illawarra amateur boxer and self-confessed rapist Leroy Fisher has been sentenced to at least five years’ jail for the violent sexual assault of a woman inside his Berkeley home in July 2015.

The woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was detained for more than nine hours by the NSW Boxing Championship medal winner, who used handcuffs to restrain her before subjecting her to painful and degrading sexual acts.

She repeatedly begged Fisher to let her go and at one stage during the sustained assault, asked if she was going to die.

“Are you going to kill me? Are you going to hurt me?” the woman said while Fisher had her face down on the bed, pushing her head into the pillow to restrict her breathing.

The woman was held against her will overnight and only managed to flee the premises after Fisher had left for work.

She returned to her own home and told a sibling what had happened. 

The pair reported the matter to police and Fisher was arrested later that day.

He admitted to his crimes in a subsequent interview with police, saying “yeah...I pretty much forced her to do it...yeah, I just, like, held her down,” when describing the acts of sexual assault.

In Wollongong District Court on Friday, Judge Andrew Haesler described Fisher’s behaviour as an “act of dominance and violent control”.

“He demonstrated his physical dominance in a degrading way ….there was a considerable degree of physical violence and each episode [of assault] went on for some time,” Judge Haesler said.

“Each offence involved anger, jealousy, rage and a desire to dominate his victim.

“Fisher knew what he was doing was causing the victim harm and pain but he didn't stop.”

Judge Haesler also found Fisher was “yet to fully comprehend” the seriousness of what he’d done and had limited remorse.

“He appears concerned more for the loss of status and hardship he’s caused his family than the impact of his offending on the victim,” he said.

Judge Haesler sentenced Fisher to a total jail term of eight years and five months, with a non-parole period of five years.

He recommended Fisher undergo a sex offender course while in custody.

With time served, Fisher will be eligible to apply for parole in July 2020.