Fairlie Hamilton column April 17, 2017

I love a reunion. I’m not talking about those high school reunions where you go only to judge. I mean the sort of reunion you’d see on late 90’s episodes of Ricki Lake and Oprah.

Missing siblings, long lost parents, families torn apart and brought together for a national audience – get me the tissues. 

This is why I am really looking forward to the end of May, when Roxy Jacenko’s husband Oliver Curtis completes his 10 month sentence at Cooma Correctional Centre. 

Imagine it.

Cooma in May will be a cool 14 degrees, a crisp country breeze softly caressing Roxy’s glamorous blow-dry as she embraces the man she loves, their two adorable children in tow.

Cheeks pink as they giggle and kick the autumn leaves laid like a sin-cleansing carpet along the long driveway to the low security jail. Magic. 

Last week Roxy told the media that she would take the kids to collect their Dad, and she would quite simply be telling them that they are getting Dad ‘from work’. 

Each to their own, but isn’t there a learning experience being missed here?

If there’s one thing I learned from binge watching Underbelly season 1 over the Easter long weekend, it’s that strippers must meet a lot of really bad dudes.

Also that you should be honest with your kids when someone you love – even if it’s their Dad – goes to jail, like Tracey in episode 3 who was offed as a result, but still, she died with integrity. 

As far as Roxy goes, perhaps in between the Instagram followers and lip injections and porcelain veneers, perhaps her children could really be told where Dad was.

Well, she is the Queen of PR I suppose, and good PR begins at home…or something.

*Fairlie Hamilton is the afternoon’s presenter on i98FM and is the regular Monday weekly columnist for the Illawarra Mercury.