Letters to the editor April 18 2017

SUNNY DAYS: A Sunday morning at Belmore Basin by Eddie Noble. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
SUNNY DAYS: A Sunday morning at Belmore Basin by Eddie Noble. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


It's now been almost one year since the sea wall near the eastern breakwater was partially demolished by storms yet all the state government has managed to do is put a temporary fence around it.

I wonder if they're waiting until the new Crown Land Management Act 2016 commences in 2018 so they can pass the liability onto council and Wollongong ratepayers to foot the repair bill??

Paul Dorahy , Wollongong


In reply to the letter by Reg Wilding "Good On You Sally" (Illawarra Mercury, Wednesday, March 29, 2017) to quote Mr Wilding: "While the billionaires enact the laws, unions have the right to break them".

However, Sally McManus's point of rule breaking was focused on workers unable to take industrial action, after a workplace death.

Since 2013, the Liberals have been in office, yet not one of the 47 legal proceedings against the CFMEU involves industrial action over a workplace death.

Sally McManus and Reg Wilding characterise every person with money and in business as cold-hearted creeps who just want to increase their wealth, while treating workers as expendable slaves.

However, tell that to all the blue-collar workers employed by mining giants Gina Rinehart and Andrew Forrest who are earning a good wage, keeping their families and getting on with life?

How insulting are McManus and Wilding to self-made men and women who started with nothing, and have worked hard to build their businesses.

And how offensive to openly accuse every employer of treating their employees as meaningless.

Sally McManus and Reg Wilding are just typical Marxists who oppose democracy, free enterprise, hard work and respect for the law.

This is why union representation in the workplace is at an all time low of 16 per cent.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow


The TV cameras over time have managed to capture images of Australian politicians in circumstances which; with the benefit of hindsight, the politicians probably wished had never occurred.

For example, during the 2004 federal election campaign Mark Latham’s infamous “bully boy” handshake on John Howard.

Then John Howard himself in 2005 while touring in Pakistan, making a fool of himself with several ridiculous attempts at spin bowling.

In 2008 “the Milky Bar kid” PM Kevin Rudd’s fawning salute to George W Bush.

In 2011 Tony Abbott caught on TV saying “well s**t happens” when advised of the death in action of Australian serviceman lance corporal James Mc Kinney.

Watching the TV image of PM Turnbull’s shovelling technique while “helping” in the clean-up after cyclone Debbie, it was obvious (to use a mining term) Malcolm would actually struggle to shovel up the droppings of a sick canary.

Possibly, Malcolm Turnbull’s shovelling effort was well intentioned?

It is equally possible that it will become yet another TV image added to the increasing list of contrived and cynical photo shoots of Australian prime ministers.

Barry Swan, Balgownie



Whether it is a cyclist, motorcyclist or a car. Slow down look several times before entering a roundabout. Looking at this footage the sun in the wrong spot made it a little difficult to see properly. That however is NO excuse. Too often cars whip out when they shouldn't on this roundabout. I travel this route everyday going to work. Seen a few close calls.



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