On demand television creates a Full House

Our two daughters are aged six and nine. What would you expect their favourite television show is?

No it’s not Playschool, Angelina Ballerina or Giggle and Hoot ….. although their mum does take quite a shine to Jimmy Giggle. 

No, it’s Full House. Okay, so the picture accompanying the column was probably a dead giveaway,  but their favourite show is indeed an  American sitcom which first aired in 1987 – a full 20 years before the eldest of our girls were even born. You remember Full House right?

It centres on the story of Danny Tanner, a news anchorman who lost his wife in a car crash so his brother-in-law and best friend moved into his house to help raise his three daughters  D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle.

Michelle was actually famously played by two twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen who have grown up to oversee a billion dollar fashion empire.

So how is it that two kids in 2017 can be infatuated by a show built in another country for another time? And when I say infatuated, I mean infatuated.

Since discovering the show, they’ve watched every episode of every season multiple times and done the same for the 2015 spin-off of the series Fuller House.

The six-year-old has even perfected the catchphrase of Stephanie Tanner and can be heard exclaiming “HOOOOOWWW RUUUDDDEEE” at random.

Like a growing number of household, free-to-air television is quickly being replaced by the gravitational pull of tv watched purely via the internet on demand. The ability to watch what you want when you want to watch it and in many cases, ad free.

Then comes news this week, ABC, TVNA and Netflix have commissioned a new-live adaption of dad’s child favourite tv shows Monkey. Awesome. Welcome to the new world where everything old can become new again.


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