Letters to the editor May 17 2017

RED SKY: A Fairy Creek sunset taken on June 16 by Hans Haverkamp. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
RED SKY: A Fairy Creek sunset taken on June 16 by Hans Haverkamp. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


I have taught in high schools for over 40 years now, and I see in this present federal government is a plan to go back to those days of the sixties and seventies.

Back to a time where many students, who came from lower income backgrounds, were left behind.

I was one of the lucky ones, who after gaining a scholarship, I was able to do tertiary education.  

This government is now saying education, health, welfare and climate change spending is “bad” debt, whereas spending on infrastructure is “good” debt.

Attacking the conditions of people who are the future prosperity of our great nation, by making degrees harder.

By increasing fees and paying for HECs at lower rates of pay, cutting penalty rates, maintaining policies that cause rents and housing ownership to be out of reach.

And not caring about our future climate issues. It is not very innovative.

This next generation needs nurturing for the benefit of this great country.

Today I hear that young people are being locked out of the budget process on budget night, as well.

Some governments are socially responsible and we would refer to them as a “good “government.

Unfortunately, this time we have a  ”bad” government.

Richard Ruse, Figtree


On Wednesday, April 19, my husband and I were returning home from holiday towing our caravan when we had an accident on The Hume Highway near Yass.  

I would like to send our heartfelt thanks to a lovely couple Paula and Gary from Thirroul who helped us at the site of the accident.

They then insisted they take me to be with my husband who had been taken via ambulance to Yass Hospital.

I ended up in Canberra Hospital with heart problems so without their assistance I may have been a lot worse off.

We will be forever indebted to them for their wonderful support and care.

Thank you.

Jenny Pullin, Gymea


Yes if the NRL is serious about limiting damage to their people, “their brand”, the first step is to stop taking all alcohol sponsorship, as Peter Fitzsimons says…but why stop there?

How about getting serious about a few more things?

Like compulsory alcohol and drug testing before all training and main games get underway would be two more good steps.

The NRL and government need to get serious also about the forgotten problem of club poker machine gambling and the sponsorship of NRL gambling during televised NRL games.

Brian Johnson, Gymea


To sum up our Treasurer’s budget is quite a simple task – all chest but no treasure.

Mr Morrison sees Australians sink up to their necks  in a cruel financial swamp, yet still believes that his failing financial management plans are a miracle to behold.

He sets up a ground breaking scheme for first home buyers which breaks up long before the ownership of any ground.

It’s hard to understand how this Treasurer can have deliberately overlooked those existing home owners who are struggling to meet mortgage payments and keep a roof over their heads.

Looking after those who battled to get a home and now find themselves in financial trouble should have been considered a top priority.

But no, the Turnbull Government doesn't like battlers.

Negative gearing is the preferred nation building incentive.

Positive gearing doesn't exist.

Dave Cox, Tarrawanna


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