Psychic ‘saw’ Warilla's Kay Docherty and Toni Cavanagh's violent end

A psychic medium who assisted a police investigation into the 1979 disappearance of two Warilla schoolgirls has detailed some of the pair’s final moments, in a disturbing new account based on a series of visions. 

Debbie Malone claims Lake Illawarra High School students Kay Docherty and Toni Cavanagh were driven to secluded bushland off Seven Mile Beach and violently raped, killed and buried, the same night they vanished from a Warilla bus stop almost 38 years ago. 

The girls willingly got into a car with a man romantically linked to Toni, before the night spiraled well out of both girls’ control, Ms Malone claims. 

The account is contained in Ms Malone’s recently-released second book, Clues from Beyond, which details her work on multiple criminal cases. 

Detectives re-investigating the disappearance of Kay and Toni invited Ms Malone to handle the girls’ belongings at a police station in Warilla in 2009. 

Ms Malone told detectives she ‘saw’ the girls, and was able to communicate with them. Part of her contribution to the police investigation were computer-generated pictures of two men she identified as having abducted and murdered the girls. 

Computer-generated pictures of two men who may be involved in Kay and Toni's disappearance.

Computer-generated pictures of two men who may be involved in Kay and Toni's disappearance.

She claims Toni was “quite smitten” with one of the men, described as having a thin build and long face, with light brown/sandy blonde hair, aged 18-22, who may be linked to the name Ronald. 

Toni convinced the less confident Kay to get in the car when the man arrived to collect them from the bus stop about 7.30pm, July 27, 1979, Ms Malone writes. 

She claims the driver headed south and collected a friend who was staying at his family’s weekender in a Windang caravan park that has since been converted into a retirement village.

The friend had curly, almost fuzzy, brown/ginger hair, a distinctive nose, blue eyes, “nice white, straight teeth” and a stocky build”.

He may have been a brother to one of Toni’s neighbours, she suggested. 

She claims the girls were driven to a place near Seven Mile Beach, where Kay attempted to leave.  

“I could feel Kay’s stress and anxiety … I could see that the headlights of the car were still on and Kay getting out of the car and running in front of the headlights. Kay looks back at Toni and the driver as if she is a startled kangaroo in the headlights.” 

Kay, then Toni, were violently sexually assaulted by the darker-haired man, Ms Malone claims. She saw nothing of their murders.

“It was as if I was not allowed to witness the horror that the girls were made to endure. I got the feeling that the girls were stabbed to death.”

Ms Malone attempted to lead detectives to the girls’ graves on March 25, 2010 but, despite the involvement of cadaver dogs, the search was unsuccessful. 

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