Letters to the editor May 19 2017

SUNSHINE: Helen Fletcher captures the sun peaking over the horizon at Bulgo Beach. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
SUNSHINE: Helen Fletcher captures the sun peaking over the horizon at Bulgo Beach. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


We often hear of the delays and waiting for attention in emergency care.

My recent experience has shown me how good those services are in our area.

A short time ago I had a severe and very ugly leg wound.

We rang the emergency ambulance number and in a short time the ambulance pulled up and the nurses helped me in, then drove to Wollongong Hospital emergency ward.

I had to wait about 10 minutes, but in that time a nurse saw me and assured me that help was coming.

When the help came it was in the form of another very capable nurse who cleansed the wound and applied a large bandage.

She also looked after my need for something to eat, and I felt sore and sorry for myself but also very well cared for.

When she had made sure that everything was going well she arranged for my discharge, leaving me with some gory pictures and an assurance that a district nurse would see me next day.

As promised, next day there was a phone call to contact me and tell me of a nurse who would visit me at home.

She duly arrived, checked the dressing and replaced it. She informed me of the ongoing support I would get and I was given an appointment for another visit from a nurse in two days.

She arrived and checked everything and replaced the dressing and assured me that I would have a series of appointments until everything was healed.

After the next appointment I felt completely recovered and I can move without any pain and I will always feel very grateful for the help of all those in the emergency team.

We have a very good service in the Illawarra.

Max Morris, Towradgi


I write in support of Richard Burnett's letter ‘A Tale of Chicanery” (Illawarra Mercury, May 12, 2017).

Last month I had two similar incidents on the M2 and M7.

I received two letters from two separate tollway operators advising that my E-tag was invalid and/or there were insufficient funds in my auto top up account.

I have never been contacted regarding the validity of the E-tag and there were $30 dollars in my account.

Not only was I charged with not paying the two E-tolls, totaling $11, but was charged $20 extra for administration costs.

I  have of course protested and am awaiting a response.

Another example of gross bureaucratic inefficiency.

Mick Williams, Barrack Heights


Regarding your front page story about a Uber driver being harassed by taxi drivers, was the Uber driver in the Towradgi Beach Hotel carpark because he had been given a booking there?

If so he is in the right.

Was the Uber driver in the carpark in the hope that someone might walk up to him?

If so he is in the wrong as Uber drivers cannot, by law, pick up a job that is not allocated to them by Uber.

Keith Norris, Bellambi


The release  of the latest polls confirm what we all have known about PM Turnbull, particularly since being ousted as the Liberals Opposition leader.

The electorate does not like him and his political judgement is appallingly flawed.

Unless masochistic, the “spear carriers” must now be regretting their rash and ill-considered pre-emptive strike on first term PM Abbott.

D J Preece, Balgownie


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