Michael Norris pleads guilty to assaulting would-be drug dealer

A Cringila man has confessed to bashing a friend’s neighbour who had been unable to source drugs for them.

Michael Stephen Norris was staying with a mate at a boarding house in the Illawarra in November last year when he approached the victim and asked him to get “two points” of ice for them.

The man said he’d try, so Norris gave him $90.

A few hours later the victim returned the money to Norris’ girlfriend, saying he couldn’t source the drugs.

The victim told police he went to sleep around 11.30pm however was woken about 3.30am by the sound of loud music coming from next door.

He sent a text message to Norris’ friend telling him “turn it down c—t, it’s 3.30 in the morning”.

The man responded “you still owe us two points for the f—k around”.

A short time later Norris knocked on the victim’s door.

The pair spoke briefly, during which time Norris accused the man of failing to return his money.

When the victim told Norris he had given the cash back to Norris’ girlfriend, Norris responded by punching him in the head several times and yelling “you’d better give me two points, you owe me”.

The victim replied “I don’t have it, I can’t get it”.

Norris demanded cannabis instead, prompting the victim to get a small amount from inside his house and throw it at Norris.

The victim went to Wollongong Hospital that afternoon where it was discovered he had fractures to his nose, bruising and cuts.

Norris pleaded guilty to a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm in Wollongong Local Court on Wednesday.

He was remanded in custody to face sentencing on June 30.