Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey bring their Country Song Book to Thirroul

Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey on tour.
Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey on tour.

Country singer Beccy Cole is excited to experience one of the Illawarra’s most talked about venues when she plays with Adam Harvey at Anita’s Theatre in Thirroul.

The pair are touring on the back of a cover album which includes some of the best country songs every written.

“I love it down [in the Illawarra], it’s just absolutely gorgeous, it’s so breathtaking,” she said.

“In my 25 years of doing laps around the country I’ve spent a lot of time in that area but this is the very tirst time I’m playing at Anita’s. And I’ve heard about it, a lot of people have told me – actually I was talking yesterday to Christine Anu – about how gorgeous the theatre is.”

The affects of the digital age are slowly reaching the Golden Guitar winner but she says her audience in regional areas are still big fans of owning a physical CD.

“Whilst maybe the digital era has changed things somewhat, I think also people love the CD with the booklet and the photos ... which I miss when I buy it online,” Cole said.

“But this is the arts and like everything else we have to move forward, you have to move with the times. What will never change is getting on stage and being a good entertainer.”

Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey play Anita’s Theatre in Thirroul on May 26.