Two killed in motorbike, pedestrian accident at Warrawong

Two people – a man in his 20s and a woman in her 50s – have been killed after an accident at Warrawong on Wednesday night. 

Emergency services were called to the intersection of King and Cowper streets about 6.15pm to reports of a collision between a pedestrian and motorcycle.

NSW Ambulance duty officer Norm Rees said paramedics found police performing CPR on two patients on arrival.

He said it appeared the motorbike rider had struck the female pedestrian, causing both to be thrown to the ground.

“The rider sustained multiple injuries and was unable to be revived,” Inspector Rees said.

The female pedestrian was also seriously injured and paramedics had a helicopter and medical retrieval team on standby to transport her.

However, she also died at the scene.

“We tried everything but were unfortunately unable to save her. We did absolutely everything,” Inspector Rees said.

He commended police on their efforts to resuscitate the injured man and woman.

Lake Illawarra acting Inspector Lee Ingmire also commended the actions of all emergency services, as well as members of the public who assisted.

“Upon arrival, both [patients] were alive and police commenced CPR,” she said.

“Unfortunately both persons passed away at the scene and police are investigating the circumstance of the collision.”

Witnesses said the motorcyclist was riding along Cowper Street when he hit a female pedestrian crossing the road near a pedestrian island, outside Warrawong Plaza.

A man whose parked car was involved in the crash while he was getting dinner at a nearby takeaway restaurant, said he heard a thud “like the slamming of a car door” before running outside.

The motorcyclist was thrown underneath his parked car and the woman was thrown into the air, he said.

Forensic officers arrived at the scene just after 8pm, as police established a crime scene.

Acting Inspector Ingmire said anyone with information about the crash should contact Lake Illawarra polpice.