Ed Space June 17 2017

Firstly, an apology.

This time last week we launched a campaign for Men’s Health Week 2017.

As part of that campaign, I shared a personal story about my own health awakening which had me wondering whether the wife and kids would have a partner and father in the longer term.

The apology goes to all the blokes who were shared into that story by their wives and partners via social media, potentially ruining their planned weekend of the couch, a few beers and footy on the telly.

Humble apologies. Hope it didn’t spoil your weekend.

Seriously though, hopefully it did help some men out there stop, think and get their health concerns addressed.

As the stats show, we blokes are strange creatures.

We actively avoid seeking help or the advice of the professionals, even when we most need it.

Often we ignore the advice and the pleas of those closest to us. 

Sometimes it takes another bloke, a mate, to get the message through.

In recent weeks, plenty of people have shared their own health experiences in conversation.

Many have spoken passionately and enthusiastically about a function which this region used to hold which offered free health checks to the men in attendance.

It was a popular annual event where employers helped get their employees checked at the WEC.

From all reports it was a worthy exercise and one worth repeating.

Hopefully the Illawarra Mercury can play a role in bringing that back or at least a version of that back to the Illawarra.

We will keep you posted but hope to have some news in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, blokes listen to your wives and get yourself checked.


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