Fairlie Hamilton column June 19 2017

Yesterday morning as I was laying in bed scrolling through my phone, I happened upon a news story featuring a husband and wife team whom, the article claimed, have not consumed a decent meal in nine years. 

The Californian Mum and Dad to two kids call themselves “Breatharians”, and say that they live off the Universe’s energy, and little else. 

I recall reading about an Indian man who lived to 110 and hadn’t eaten since the 60’s, and to be honest the concept of some old guy with cataracts and a Mr Burns-like physique, living on nothing but the air of some exotic faraway land, seemed totally acceptable to me.

But not actual real people, and certainly not Californians whom hail from the land of sausage donuts and bacon sundaes. 

I’m a big believer in cosmic energy and the forces of the universe, but I’ve got a few problems with these Breatharians.

If Vegan’s are trouble, the mind boggles at how annoying these guys must be at a dinner party.

I’m concerned the Breatharian movement is going to lead to a government tax on breathing.

Mainly I’m just jealous of their resolve. If I’m not planning dinner while I’m eating lunch, I start feeling hungry mid-chew. 

I’d love to know what science has to say about being a Breatharian.

There’s always the chance they don’t move around much, but what’s the point of being a sloth if you can’t down a tub of guacamole and block of that new Cadbury’s Spider chocolate whilst doing so? 

They must be in a perpetually bad mood. Hunger can ruin lives!

None of it makes sense. Plus, I just don’t believe them. 

On the positive they’d be cheap to entertain I guess.

*Fairlie Hamilton is a presenter for i98FM and Mercury columnist.


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