Letters to the editor July 14 2017

LAUGHING STOCK: Kookaburras in a row by Mike and Carol Morphett.  Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
LAUGHING STOCK: Kookaburras in a row by Mike and Carol Morphett. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


On behalf of Wollongong-based Future of the Children (www.fotc.today) I want to thank the Illawarra Mercury for their coverage of our ‘Buy a teacher for one year’ program (Illawarra Mercury, Saturday July 1, 2017.)

We have a heart-warming and inspirational story to tell about the opportunities that an education gives to our children and we welcome invitations to speak from service clubs and schools and churches.

Jay Jay Ganwaye, Founder FOTC


The theft of the Liberal Party of Australia was sealed overnight when the PM said in his speech overnight the Party has always been 'Centrist'.

This nonsense.

Such regrettable statements will  further disenfranchise the party at a federal level and alienate once committed conservatives at the “coal face”.

DJ Preece, Balgownie


In reply to the letter by Francis Shepherd (Illawarra Mercury, July 10, 2017) regarding a level crossing instead of steps.

There are sidings there where freight trains park, so it would be impossible to do.

This practice started shortly after the original level crossing was closed, possibly one reason for the original closure.

Keith Norris, Bellambi


Results for the 2016 Census optional question on religion released in June, found: Total number of Christians 52%, Other religions 8.2%, No Religion 30.1%.

Compare these figures with those with 1966: Christians, 88.2%, Other religions 0.7%, No religion, 0.8%. 1991: Christians 74.0%, Other religions 2.6%, No religion 8.2%.

We see that in just over 50 years there has been a marked decline in the number of Christians and an increase in those of other or no religion. This trend is predicted to grow.

There are still those who like to say that Australia is a Christian country, but 52% of believers does not demonstrate an overwhelming majority.  

Instead, it shows a growing need for a secular society.

A society where no religious bias exists, such as the Lord’s Prayer before parliament, federal, state or local government.  

A society where Christian school chaplaincy is replaced by secular counsellors, and where there are no privileges extended to religious institutions.  

A society where all are governed, funded, and taxed equally.

It’s no secret that many parliamentarians are governed by their Christian conscience, which is why, despite wide public support, gay marriage, decriminalisation of abortion and voluntary assisted dying have all been opposed.

If the current trend continues on the question of religion, no further proof will be needed to proclaim Australia a secular state, fair and impartial to all.

Barbara Cattunar, Wollongong



Why so many negative comments? It will be great, local employment and now I can walk to the shops to get bread and milk and a case of beer! Winning! _ Jason

Wow three Woolworths in Shellharbour _ Kelli

Will be awesome for those living in Shell Cove!! _ Rhonda

Why do we need another Woolworths? _ Lisa

Should of been an independent Supa Iga store. Woolies having the monopoly will just push there prices up. _ Shane

Well Shell Cove is one of the more expensive areas. Makes sense. _ Karamea


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