Man bashed outside Tony’s Chicken Shop at Mangerton

Police have arrested a man at Mangerton following a bloody fight outside Tony’s Chicken Shop. 

A 40-year-old man was left with a bleeding head wound on Mangerton Road, about 10.40am Wednesday. 

Another man involved in the scrap took off before police arrived. He was arrested at a housing complex on Myuna Way a short time ago.

Police collected an abandoned hat and a wooden pole that was left on the roadway. The Mercury understands the pole was brandished as a weapon at the fight site, where blood spattered the roadside and a woman’s parked car. 

John Bevan, special operations paramedic at Wollongong station, said a passer-by came to the ambulance station, a short distance away, to summon paramedics. 

The injured man was taken to Wollongong Hospital. 

“He’s got lacerations and a broken nose. He's been conveyed up to Wollongong Hospital for treatment and for an interview with the police,” John Bevan said. 

“He was quite good, conscious, orientated. He knew what was happening and knew who caused the injuries. Hew as able to direct police to them and apparently there's been an arrest.” 

The injured man was holding a dog on a lead when paramedics arrived. 

Mr Bevan said the dog was not responsible for any injuries.

“It was actually a perfect little pup,” he said.

“He's only about 13 months old.”