Wollongong councillor to target ‘hazardous’ roadside car sale sites

ABOMINATION: Councillor Janice Kershaw is calling for an end to the practice of "pop-up car yards". Picture: Sylvia Liber
ABOMINATION: Councillor Janice Kershaw is calling for an end to the practice of "pop-up car yards". Picture: Sylvia Liber

The days of parking an unwanted car on the roadside and propping a ‘For Sale’ sign in its window could be numbered in Wollongong, after some residents branded the practice a hazard. 

City councillor Janice Kershaw is moving to wipe out the “pop-up car yards”, after multiple residents contacted her to complain that the roadside offerings were distracting passing drivers. 

Cr Kershaw is calling on council officers to “investigate and implement appropriate solutions to stop registered motor vehicles, trailers and caravans which are ‘for sale’ being parked on mass on sections of our roadways”. 

She told the Mercury her motion, to be presented at next week’s council meeting, would apply to all makeshift car yards across the local government area.

But it was one site in particular – Pioneer Road, East Corrimal – that had prompted complaints and caused her to put the issue on the city’s agenda. 

“Residents have nearly had accidents there,” she said. 

“They’ve stopped to turn into their driveways and cars coming behind them are busy looking at the cars for sale on the side of the road and nearly rear-ended them.” 

“It’s a busy road that’s extensively used by bike riders, and it’s just an abomination. I want something done before something happens.” 

Cr Kershaw said residents affected by the East Corrimal sale site had endured the problem for two years.

She has flagged timed parking as a possible solution at the site, so as not to interfere with trade at the nearby Fishnets takeaway shop. 

Earlier efforts to stamp out the practice had not gone far, she said. 

“I’ve had the council traffic committee go out there to have a look, they’ve said there’s no houses on that side of the road so it shouldn’t be a problem,” she said. 

“It’s alright for them to visit one day in the mid-week – there’s be 15-16 cars there. But on the weekend when you go there, there’d be double.” 

“What happens is, it starts, and then more and more [cars] join.”


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