Wolves recruit former Melbourne Victory boss for A-League push

New cause: Geoff Lord with the Victory. Picture:. Vince Caligiuri
New cause: Geoff Lord with the Victory. Picture:. Vince Caligiuri

THE Wollongong Wolves can become a giant of the A-League like Melbourne Victory, new senior advisor Geoff Lord has declared. 

The Illawarra club on Thursday ramped up its push for inclusion in an expanded national competition by announcing Lord, a founding member of the Victory more than a decade would be involved in a consultation role.

Lord said he became involved with the Wolves because he can the club’s potential on the elite stage.

“There was never any doubt in my mind that Melbourne Victory would succeed,” he said. 

“From the very beginning it was clear there was a strong need for national representation and a core fan base who were passionate about football and just needed their own team to cheer for and support.

“It was very hard work initially but we made it work and work very well.

“The Wollongong Wolves are similar in many respects however have a strong, successful history, presence, fan base and following and cover one of the strongest football nurseries in the country. All the necessary requirements are already existing.”

Wolves chairman Tory Lavelle said Lord’s involvement is a major coup for the aspiring A-League club. 

“We have competed and enjoyed great success previously in a national football competition and we will again,” he said.  

“Attracting people such as Geoff shows what we are capable of achieving and the level of support there is for the Wolves to return to the national stage.

“Geoff has been there, done that and succeeded in every facet of football in Australia and having his expertise, experience and contacts there for us to call on gives us a platform many existing A League clubs would envy.”