Letters to the editor August 9 2017

SMOKE ON THE WATER: From the Continental Pool by Hans Haverkamp. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
SMOKE ON THE WATER: From the Continental Pool by Hans Haverkamp. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


The hilarious antics of the beardy weirdy would be jihadists involved in the so called ‘most sophisticated terror threat so far’ is reminiscent of the movie Four Lions.

In the movie the hapless heroes stumble from one disastrous and silly plan to bring down the wrath of Allah on the infidel to another.

It seems kittens might be a more appropriate sobriquet for our boys though even that may be too strong.

Now I’m not a trained warrior in the Holy fight against the west but when I heard the plan to use a bomb in a meat mincer I thought that particular idea seemed a little, well, stupid.

Again I’m not au fait with the types of things innocuously included in carry on luggage but I would think a meat mincer was not something that would go through unremarked.

Add the fact that the thing was way too heavy to check in you get an idea that our greatest weapon against the success of these types of plans is the stupid propeller heads who think them up.

God may be great but surely he’s embarrassed that the people who declare themselves warriors in his name are cowardly, craven, misguided, halfwits.  

Andrew Sefton, Thirroul


I applaud the crux of Max Perram’s August 5 letter (`An unholy row’, Illawarra Mercury).

Religious fanaticism is a scourge.

Darwin was right, the earth is billions of years old, and Noah probably didn’t live to 950.  

If only he had targeted his slings and arrows at the correct person.

If he had bothered to read the article of Adrian Devlin’s I was responding to, he would have realised that I was attempting to expose the contradictions inherent between Mr Devlin’s professed Christianity and his rapacious attitude towards the environment.  

Using your opponent’s own ideology to demonstrate the inadequacy of their position doesn’t mean you subscribe to that ideology.  

Clearly, Mr Perram is not tuned in to the robust debates in these opinion pages – if he was, he would be in no doubt as to where both I and Mr Devlin stand.  

I would happily call Mr Devlin as my character witness in this matter.  

Brett Heino, Koonawarra


It really casts doubt on the true value of being an Australian.

It really casts doubt on the true moral, and Christian Values, of every Politician who has the nerve to say that they represent every Australian.

Just a few hundred meters from where politicians stuff themselves with gourmet food and tax free vintage wines, paid for by this state’s long suffering taxpayers, is an eyesore to those with everything who have no care or feeling whatever for the downtrodden and homeless.

The tent city in Martin Place is living testimony to the total failure of a miserable system who sees the wealthy ride on the sheep's back and the poor riding on the sheep's backside.

We would have a better country if we moved the politicians on, and moved the poor into Parliament House.

Politicians are vermin in my mind and are nothing but parasites.

Dave Cox, Corrimal


We won! The government is going to repeal the MCIS levy though it will not occur until December 2017. Bad move for them.

They have left themselves wide open to “class action”.

They are liable to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions.

John Macleod, Berry


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