Celebrating International Cat Day with the RSPCA Illawarra Shelter

Three furry friends came out to play as the poster-pets for adoption at Wollongong Central on Tuesday.

Disco, Ben and Bob were visiting from the RSPCA Illawarra Shelter and happy to play with people in the aid of finding themselves (or their friends) a new home and to celebrate International Cat Day.

Shelter supervisor Janelle Calkan said kittens and cats made great low-maintenance pets in comparison to dogs (who needed more attention).

“I love how playful they are, like they could be 13 and they’re still like a kitten. They’re curious, they’re affectionate, they’re really quite low-maintenance,” Ms Calkan said.

She said people thinking about adopting one of their kittens or cats should bear in mind those with pink noses are susceptible to skin cancer and will only be given to homes where they will remain indoors.

Felines with pale noses can easily develop skin cancers on the tips of their ears and noses if left outside, which can prove fatal.

“Unfortunately we get quite a lot of cats come through with quite severe cancers and basically half their face is eaten away and it’s quite distressing to see,” Ms Calkan said.

Currently there’s around 16 felines in the care of the Illawarra Shelter at Unanderra looking for new homes. They also currently have horses, dogs and a chicken.

For more information visit: www.adoptapet.com.au